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Wednesday, 9 May 2018

What Web Hosting Customers Want

Recently I have started a web hosting company and now I m looking for customer.With over twenty thousand webhosting companies competing for new customers, there's been a lot of speculation over what people are looking for when they purchase hosting.
There are the obvious answers, of course - reliable servers, lots of features, reasonable prices, etc.
One thing that is almost always overlooked though, and I believe most people are looking for this, is "relationship". After eight years in this business, it's been my experience that cultivating good relationships with my clients is the best way to keep existing customers and attract new business.
While we can't ignore essential elements of the business, like uptime and security, we must always remember that those faceless clients who subscribe to our services are real, living, breathing people with very real feelings, worries, and concerns. The better we can get to know our clients on a personal basis, the better we can address those worries and concerns.

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