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Tuesday, 8 May 2018

VPS Hosting Germany

In this article, we will see the VPS Hosting service providers offering their services in Germany. Here the focus is laid on Germany among all the countries, as it has some VPS providers who are offering their best VPS hosting services to a large no. of clients and produce real output by delivering great satisfaction to them. However, before that, have a look on VPS Hosting.
Virtual Private Server Hosting
VPS hosting software comprises of a program of an Internet server, an application of File Transfer Protocol (FTP), a program of a mail server and specialized applications for specific activities like blogging and e­commerce.
VPS Hosting is recommended for small businesses as they required a web-site which can be customized but unable to go for a dedicated server as it is expensive. One more benefit that VPS offers is that multiple virtual private servers are maintained by a single subscriber as this technology permits the ability of a customer for the same. For instance, a person having website makes use of one server for the production and the other for dummy site mainly utilized in testing updates, new programs & customization. VPS hosting allows a user to have complete control over their server as compared to Shared hosting.
Good VPS Hosting Companies in Germany
VPS 9- VPS 9 offers clients a good and efficient network delivers superior performance to ensure max reliability. 100 Mbps nodes are designed to ensure availability for the maximum time. VPS offers excellent and satisfactory performance at reasonable prices. Setup is did on instant basis. The company uses the Linux-based platform for offering VPS hosting services to their clients. Packages offered includes add-on management services delivered within 1 to 6 hrs. Features offered in 100 Mbps OpenVZ Linux VPS are Unlimited Bandwidth, Full Root Access, Instant Setup, 100Mbps Network Line, SolusVM Control Panel, No Setup Fees, VPS Upgrade easily and anytime, 1 Free Dedicated IP, 18*7 support with money back guarantee, etc. VPS Plans offered by the company can be upgraded considering the usage of the clients and are always suggested, to begin with, initial or the smallest package and according to growth upgrade for a huge package.
  • GermanVPS- Company is having over ten years of rich experience in offering excellent VPS hosting services to their clients. VPS Packages offered using Linux, and Windows platform fully featured providing a no. of features like full root access, SolusVM Web interface, Unlimited web traffic, 99% uptime guarantee, complete backup guarantee, money back guarantee, professional support all at affordable prices. VPS Reseller plans are also there.
  • Cinfu- OpenVZ Unmanaged VPS Servers are offered by company offers six plans. All of them includes Bandwidth in unlimited amount, CentOS, Debian & others, full SSH root access, free external IPv4 address at affordable prices.
  • XSserver- A provider has gained specialization in offering VPS services.A company using high-quality hardware, software, latest equipment, high-speed network leads to super performance provides full featured VPS hosting plans. VPS Plans offered at minimum prices begin from just $14.95 per month, consider it is the least expensive service provider. Features offered includes a control panel, full root access, Dedicated IP, Choice in OS with Add-ons with support for every time. Some extra services provided for collocation and management.
  • RackBurst- It is considered as one of the most powerful SSD VPS Service provider in Germany using the OpenVZ technology, which is a popular one. Data centers of a company based in Germany itself and a network is monitored for 24*7 to ensure max reliability and high uptime.

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