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Wednesday, 9 May 2018

unlimited or unmetered bandwith

There are some web hosts that claim to give you unlimited or unmetered bandwith.
What I want to ask is that really possible?
Its not possible. every server has a limit even you take a dedicated server so shared hosting accounts with unlimited bandwidth is a joke.
Nothing's unlimited in the world. It's a web hosting gimmick IMO.
no server space can be unlimited.... everything has a limit.... but what they feel is you can not fill up the whole server space and so they say its unlimited.... don believe all those....
It's a kind of trick. Like the "500gb bandwidth!". But if you really try to use all teh 500gb, you get locked for "using all the bandwidth". I think the same would happen with the unlimited hosts.
They'll get rid of you when you pass up their BW limit. Tons of people use 1 TB+ sites and it just doesn't exist to have it unmetered.

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