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Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Unlimited bandwidth web hosting

Should I go with a host who gives unlimited bandwidth? Why do some hosts have limits?
Basically, web hosts only have limited resources - ie, webspace and bandwidth - so they make it clear what limits individual users have, and generally make sure that people on the same plans have the same limits.
However, some hosts don't offer any immediate caps on bandwidth limits,
because frankly most websites actually use relatively little bandwidth. The problem is, if you do find yourself with a busy site with a lot of traffic, the unlimited hosts may either apply extra charges, or simply boot you off. So customers are never really sure what their limits and constraints are.
Because of that, unlimited bandwidth hosts have a generally poor reputation in the hosting industry, and most hosting companies will be clear on such limits from the start.
there is no such thing in hosting business, everything has limits including hosting.
So just stick to other features rather than finding UNLIMITED BW, SPACE
Being in the hosting business I hate these "UNLIMITED" hosts - it's a blatent out and out lie
How can something like diskspace or bandwidth be unlimited?
The small print of these host's always give's them a way out of hosting a busy website - and the price of these unlimited accounts makes me giggle...
My best advice is stay away - if you have a website that isn't going to be using a lot of resources just put it on a normal account with a reputable host

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