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Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Reseller Web Hosting: Support is the life blood

Support is the life blood of your reseller business.What u think?
Yes, Support is the life blood of your reseller business. Without a solid support team working with you, your issues could overwhelm you easily.
Here are some good tips on making sure you can keep on top of these:
1. Keep a good database of the usernames and passwords for your resold accounts. Make sure that you keep up with changes. This includes usernames and passwords for:
a. Control Panels
b. MIVA Merchant
c. AlaCart
d. *users E-Commerce software*
e. MySQL database if used
2. Make sure you have a backup of your users' accounts on a weekly basis. Request to your support team to tar up the users' directory and place the files in a safe place. NEVER rely on the backup system of others…ALWAYS create your own backup scheme.
3. When you send a request to support, keep a copy of those replies. In essence, you are making your own knowledge base. Doing this will curb your turn around times of issues.
These tips will assist you in making sure your Reseller account works like a well oiled machine.

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