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Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Linux VS. Windows Servers

Linux Vs. Windows Servers    

Mainly the two categories of a server are used in web hosting, and Linux was most popular, and still, it is most used operating systems in servers. Linux has many benefits like – It is free and supports most of the scripting languages, but usually it does not support ASP and  '.Net'.
Windows Server Hosting
Windows Server is not like Windows desktop, Windows server built to provide different services included web hosting. Its support ASP and '.Net', but not support other script languages. Windows web hosting server is not free, so it’s also a costly solution.
MySQL is the database used on Linux and Windows, but it is more associated with Linux servers and Windows uses Microsoft product MS Access and Microsoft.

Windows vs. Linux web hosting

As above discuss it is clear that the main differences between Windows and Linux hosting is to support scripting languages and cost, apart from this other hosting characteristics are common in both OS, Like:-
  • Access Server – Windows and Linux provides remote access through Telnet and FTP. Linux also supports SSH that is secure access the computer remotely through an encrypted connection.
  • Interface – CLI and GUI interface used in those OS.
  • Security – Inbuilt Firewall option for security.
  • Performance – Check out comparison performance chart of CPU, RAM, Network etc. to monitor the server.
  • Technology - Both OS able to support HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, Flash, real audio, video, CGI, pop mail ids, FTP, etc.

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