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Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Difference between Virtual Hosting and IP Based Hosting

HTTP/1.1 allow Virtual or Shared IP Hosting. All the domains are registered with the web server on the same IP. Web Server finds the correct web site by the domain name. Such hosting was created to make up for the lack of IP addresses.

Shared IP hosting - one IP address is assigned to several domains and access to a domain is available only by its domain name;

Dedicated IP hosting - one IP address is assigned to one domain. To access a domain you can use either its IP address or its domain name.
What are the Advantage and Disadvantage of Shared IP and Dedicated IP hosting.

Shared IP hosting


1. can be used for virtually unlimited number of virtual hosts;
2. easy to configure and use;
3. requires no additional hardware of software;
3. can be used for free.
1. does not support Virtual FTP;
2. does not support SSL protection.

Dedicated IP hosting


1. supports Virtual FTP
2. supports SSL
1. It is a pay service

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