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Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Difference between Unlimited and Unmetered Bandwidth?

Whats the difference between Unlimited and Unmetered Bandwidth?
Unlimitied is not real.
Unmeterd is not watched.
Unmetered means there's a limit, but you can use up to your limit as fast as you'd like (versus metered, which might give you 30 GB in a month, and allow you to only use 1 GB per day).
Unlimited would be where you can use as much bandwidth as you want, at any time. Clearly, this is impossible.
Unlimited is not possible to do. The only way Unmetered is possible is when the hosting company has a ton of servers whether managed or other wise, and they do NOT have to worry about going over their space.
Unlimited doesn't exist, because there are limits to nearly everything in life.
Unmetered is basically saying, "We won't monitor how much you use..." The trick with that is, if you use enough to cause yourself to become noticed, you get the axe.
Unlimited, the term used to describe an account that has no limitations. If you wish to hold a 500GB file, then go ahead and try. The catch in the cog of unlimited is that it is impossible. Bandwidth will always be limited by the power of the communications hardware in the datacenter, and space will be limited as drives have a set limit, the current largest single hard drive being a 1TB Hitachi. But at 400$ a pop, hosts can't afford to stick those hard drive in for one 9.95$ a month user can they .
Unmetered is a slightly complex setup. In unmetered, your use isn't monitored. However there is a limit. Unmetered connections are always shared with other servers, so if you buy a dedicated server on a 100mbs unmetered conenction, you're probably sharing it with 6 other people. Many times, however, there is a set speed, such as 20mbs. So what does that all equate too? Well it means that while your server is connected to a 100mbs line, you server will only see 20mbs if the line is at peak usage. But when the line is fairly free, you'll share the leftovers. So say with 6 servers on the line, only 1 other is actually pulling any load on the line. Well then you may see 45mbs on your server. And with unmetered, there are no caps on monthly transfers. So if your host sets the minimum speed to 20mbs, then you will see at least 6TB every month of bandwidth. But you could also see more.

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