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Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Convert a computer into a dedicated server

I bought a Intel Core2Duo 3.0 GHz computer with 500GB HDD and 2 GB Ram. My question is : How do I convert it into a dedicated server and how do I get bandwidth.
1. install an OS.
2. install the required server software.
3. find an internet connection from an isp (and don't forget to ask for public ip! or else you won't be able to be accessed by people)
4. don't forget to have:
* ups (for power failure protection)
* enough fan/cooling devices for your computer
* vnc (for remote access) ONLY IF YOU NEED
5. install security softwares (AV, Firewall, etc.) & secure/add password to your router/modem (via settngs) & change admin/root password
6. don't forget to setup the name server & point your domain name. (i assume you have a domain name)
7. Done!
home PC's are not made to run 24/7/365 with constant access or to the spec of a file or web server, so you run a high risk of hardware failures.
Most DSL and cable company's do not allow you to host services on your home connection.
At home you'll never be able to provide your server with the quality environment it needs, unless you want to spend a lot of money on power, networking, uplinks, climate control, etc.

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