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Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Cheapest or the best

I just wonder do you guys aways pick the cheapest hosting or the best i am not saying that all cheap hosting are stupid and die after couple of weeks but mostly do i just go by the best if i wanna have my web hosting stand up good
I always tried hard to stay away from cheapest hosts, I just don't trust them, something is fishy in their business model.
I always try to find the cheapest hosting offer, but, it has to be reliable too.
i try to get something that is both inexpensive and reliable... unless the site is just a blow off then i go with cheap
cheap web hosting can not always be trusted.
There are so many cheap and best host available.It's not correct to say cheap hosts are worst.
my suggesion is never go for cheapest because cheapest comes with over selling so host get worse
I try to choose the best option but I have to think about my budget, so the best cheap hosting
I preffer the best cheaper host.
i use the cheapest host possible, there are so many nowadays.

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