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Wednesday, 9 May 2018

2 Best Ways to Effectively Fend Off Nasty Website Hackers

If you are one of these website owners who have high regards for security and customer satisfaction, protect your website from hackers by following the simple and effective ways outlined below:

1. Change Passwords Regularly
Frequently changing passwords will make your website less vulnerable to hackers. They will not be able to make a clear pattern after your recent log-ins if you will try to be random and choosy when it comes to passwords. Just a reminder, though, make sure to keep a record of your passwords so you have something to refer to in case your memory failed you. Likewise, password protect each and every folder in your server.

2. Make Use Of Available Resources
It is not enough to change passwords often because hackers can still break in to an account by creating a specially designed software. You see, most hackers are computer geniuses. Once you put a barrier on their way, they will find other passages to your account or system. So, it will be better if you will let other available resources, like the latest anti-virus and firewall software, to help you in your fight against these merciless hackers. Turn on the firewall. Look for the most trusted antivirus software in the market and once installed, don't forget to update it.

In addition, buy an SSL (secure socket layer) certificate. This certificate can be installed in a web server and will allow secure channeling of sensitive information such as consumers' credit card numbers. Without SSL, hackers can retrieve any information that passes through a non-secure connection.

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