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Friday, 11 May 2018

Latest News and Hosting Review WPEngine

Hosting Review WPEngine

Key Selling Points

A preeminent SaaS content management interface for applications and websites which built on WordPress has announced its Alpha project of 'WP Engine Search' which is powered by Elasticsearch. By this new feature website hosted on WP Engine Platform to enter fastly and more accurate search capabilities. It has also announced 'Related Posts' enable to locate reliable, related parts of content into a viewer's page to enhance page views and reader attention. Above two features are built on WP Engine WordPress platform.

There are some key features of Elasticsearch:-

  • Minimize Load on Database Server: WP Engine Search provides the functionality of real-time search without having a full-text database scan for each search operation.
  • Fuzzy matching and auto suggest results: WP Engine Search produces more knowledgeable search and autosuggestion for close queries, relevant content and matching for misspelled terms.
  • Develop Experience of users: The website of WordPress is maintaining the performance of consumer by matching visitors website to the hidden content. The ability of Elasticsearch is to absorb users by increasing page views, traffic and revenue streams via direct response engagement.
  • The features of related posts to an individual website visitor creating SEO ranking, maximizing visitor engagement and improved content management. Relevant posts are integrated into WP Engine Search so that there is no need to sign up with third-party service for an API key.
  • Availability: Users has to sign up in the Alpha program for WP Engine Search powered by Elasticsearch.

Arvixe WordPress Hosting

Experience the power of Arvixe web hosting unleashed

Arvixe WordPress hosting

Fully adheres to all the Word Press System requirements ( details of features with themes)
Some requirements must be met by a web host if they are to be able to offer their clients excellent Word Press hosting services. Arvixe web hosting company is one of the web hosts in the hosting industry that fully adheres to all the system requirements that are set by Word Press. Arvixe web hosting company has an excellent reputation in the hosting industry as a web host that fully adheres with all the requirements of Word Press hosting.
It is the web host to join if you are looking to get the best WordPress hosting in the industry. Arvixe web hosting was established back in the year 2003 and has swiftly grown since then. There are several features that this web host offers clients which ensure that their WordPress hosting fully adheres to all the WordPress System requirements. For Word Press to work, the web host that you choose to use must conform to all the WordPress system requirements. WordPress hosting at Arvixe is free and very simple to use.
Word Press is a content management system(CMS) that acts as a publishing platform which also serves as a blogging tool.
Wordpress web hosting themes are very crucial as you will need these themes as you work with Word Press. The Arvixe WordPress web hosting is great and comes with a kind of templating system that includes widgets easily arranged without editing in HTML or PHP code. On top of that, their WordPress hosting comes with themes that can be installed and switched in between. The PHP and HTML code in themes can also be edited for more advanced customizations as per your needs. The Word Press web hosting themes are just the best-allowing clients to choose from an array of themes.

Best features

  • WordPress is hosting at Arvixe web hosting company more over features an integrated link management along with an excellent permalink structure that is search engine friendly.
  • On top of that, Arvixe's Word press hosting comes with the ability to assign nested and multiple categories to articles and comes with multiple author capability
  • Allows for users to tag posts and articles which are just great.
  • Another excellent feature that Word Press hosting from Arvixe comes with is the automatic filters. These automatic filers allow users to better format and style the texts in their articles.
  • The fact that Arvixe Word Press hosting supports Pingback and Trackback standards which allow for the displaying of links to other sites which have them linked to an article or a post.
  • The most interesting part of Word Press hosting at Arvixe is its rich plug-in architecture that allows those using it and especially the developers to expand on its functionality by going beyond the mere features that are included in its basic installation.
Some of the other basic features of the Arvixe Word Press hosting which include:
  • unlimited disk space and bandwidth
  • A 60-day money back guarantee
  • Free domain registration for life
  • 24/7 technical and customer support all year round,
  • The c panel control panel which allows for unlimited e-mail addresses, databases, and subdomains along with many other excellent word press hosting features.

Setting WordPress for Better Results

‘Setting’ is the Control center of the Wordpress self-hosted site is given in the sidebar menu inside the Dashboard. You can control everything about a website using it.

Setting -> General

You can control site title and tagline. With the tagline, you can use the top keyword on your home which you would like to be found in the search. It tells the visitors about the relevance, how your site is going to help them.
With Timezone, you can set where you are currently located. Just type the region where you are located like Asia. Then search and click on the city in your country.

Setting -> Writing

Size of the post box
If you are using the bigger screen, you can change it to 50 or 60 lines, as per your requirement.
Formatting – Uncheck this box which says “Convert emoticons like :-) and :-P to graphics on display” to disable it. When enabled it converts the emotions like :) into graphics.
Check the box which says “WordPress should correct invalidly nested XHTML automatically”
Update Services – the services which we want to automatically update when we put new content. This way you are pushing your content faster and let more people see it. Fill this with full list:

Setting – Reading

For each article in a feed, show – Change it to the summary.

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

What Web Hosting Customers Want

Recently I have started a web hosting company and now I m looking for customer.With over twenty thousand webhosting companies competing for new customers, there's been a lot of speculation over what people are looking for when they purchase hosting.
There are the obvious answers, of course - reliable servers, lots of features, reasonable prices, etc.
One thing that is almost always overlooked though, and I believe most people are looking for this, is "relationship". After eight years in this business, it's been my experience that cultivating good relationships with my clients is the best way to keep existing customers and attract new business.
While we can't ignore essential elements of the business, like uptime and security, we must always remember that those faceless clients who subscribe to our services are real, living, breathing people with very real feelings, worries, and concerns. The better we can get to know our clients on a personal basis, the better we can address those worries and concerns.

Price Vs. Quality

As the Internet expands, demand for different web-hosting services increases proportionally. Additional numbers of people are joining the web world every day with personal sites for their business or organization. Many people choose low-cost solutions to host their web site, but it if your web site is important to you, you should consider quality as much as price.

Quality is most important in web hosting.
For instance, putting your site on a low costs web host can affect the speed at which customers access it. Many surfers on broadband connections get annoyed when site’s server does not keep up with their connection. If it does not offer fast access and downloads, people will be reluctant to revisit the site. They would leave the place with a negative impression about you result in long term economic loss.
A well-established web host may charge more for the facilities but in the long run they may offer better and latest services complying with the trends in the market. Some high quality hosts even offers free add-ones and promotions. The features like free web site builder or support for MySQL databases ensure that the ultimate cost involved in building a productive website are a lesser amount. These facilities may not be available when one goes for a cheaper web host – or you may have to pay extra for them!

Quality is more important than price.
It is advisable to check out a host’s reputation and quality as well as its price. The good news is, there are some web hosts that offer both outstanding service as well as competitive prices like

Spend Some Time Choosing a Good Website Host

Three Reasons Why You Should Spend Some Time Choosing a Good Website Host:-
1. Lost of sales
Any business owner knows that when your website is down, you lose sales. It’s that simple. Spending time looking for a good website host with minimum downtime is important as it can allow you a good rest at night knowing that your internet sales websites is running like it should.
Mary an internet business owner had a problem with her web host and true enough the web site server went down and her ecommerce website also went down with it. To add to her troubles, she was running a Pay Per Click Advertising Campaign with several Pay Per Click Search Engines like Google Adsense, Overture, Find what and she had to quickly disable all her ads until her website came online again. She later realized that she should have spent some time looking for a website host that was not only value for money but had a good reputation.
2. Lost of Advertising Revenue
Another business model online involves advertising and content related websites. These websites provide lots of free content but make money when people click on contextual and banner advertising on these websites. Some popular websites have many visitors a day and the loss of advertising revenue can be staggering.

3. Inability to grow your website

Another reason to choose a website host is that when most of us first startout online, we know nothing about web hosting features and choose the cheapest deal around. The problem with this is that the cheapest deal may not be the best deal and when you have a huge content website later and want to grow your website, you may find that your current web host is unable to provide the support for certain scripts.

More Presence of Linux Hosting

Why Linux Hosting is Gaining More Presence than Windows Hosting?
Linux platform has been developed by Community based efforts and it has been rendered for professional use with the efforts of many IT companies like Red Hat, Suse, Mandrake, and like. This background of Community development and open source nature of Linux Server and backup of professional IT companies has made Linux platform more powerful, inexpensive and secured.
The following are the advantages of using Linux based web server compared to Windows based web server:
Stable and Robust: Linux/Unix operating systems has traditionally been believed to be very stable and robust. A web site housed on a Linux operating system will have very high up-time (of the order of 99.9%). Of course, other factors such as power supply, network admin skills, and network load etc. also matter when it comes to maintaining the system uptime.
Low cost of ownership: The Linux OS comes free of cost (or at very insignificant cost, usually cost of distribution). Also, it has full fledged server, and desk top applications that comes free along with the OS. These server applications (such as FTP, Web Server, DNS Server, File Server etc.) being free, are also very stable.
User Friendly: When it comes to web hosting, it is easy to host on Linux web servers. The process of uploading and hosting is almost same for both Linux and Windows web servers.
A web site designed to be hosted on a Linux based web server can be hosted on a Windows web server easily, where as the reverse is not always true.

Cheap and Reliable Web Host

How to Get to a Cheap Web Hosting and a Reliable Web Hosting in the Same Time?
My recommendation about deciding on a cheap web hosting server is not to go straight to the cheapest, better choose an offer with a medium price, it’s better to spend a few more $ a months then to change the server, because what you found is a cheap, but not reliable web hosting service, which is down most of the time.
Most of the sites where you can find cheap web hosting claim they offer the cheapest services, so do not bother with that, better make sure the server offers reliable web hosting, because good price and good quality are quite hard to find toghether. .
If you plan on having two or more web sites, search for a provider who offers multiple accounts at the price of one, many of the cheap web hosting service providers do that, and if you are lucky, you may find a special offer, which will spare you some money, offering you free setup or something similar, but try not to sign a long term contract (I also recommend paying great attention when reading the contract) with the provider, a thing which will surely offer you a large discount, until you are sure that you chose a reliable web hosting server.
Do not forget that the cheap web hosting providers do not have full control of their of their server, they are working in cooperation with other companies, to make their services cheaper.

Bandwidth Or Data Transfer - how can we differentiate between them?

Too often web hosts talk about bandwidth and data transfer in the same breath but truth is known they are different although very closely related. Bandwidth is how much data can be transferred at a time and data transfer is how much data is being transferred.
Think of it this way. If bandwidth were a bridge, then the bigger the bridge is the more vehicles can pass through it. While data transfer is the number of vehicles allowed on the bridge in say a month. In essence, data transfer is the consumption of bandwidth.
How It Affects the Site ?
The less bandwidth you have, the slower your site takes to load regardless of the visitor’s connection type. If you have more visitors, some of them will have to wait their turn. The least data transfer you have, the more often you’ll find your site unavailable because you’re reached the maximum allowed until a new month rolls by or you upgrade your account.
How can we Reduce Transfers ?
you can reduce your transfer amount by building simpler, more efficient websites and optimizing your graphics. Refrain from fancy flash presentations or streaming audio. Use CSS, call JavaScript externally instead of embedding in every page. Remove unwanted tags, white space and comments. Limit your META tags to those absolutely necessary. Having too many keywords is not search engine friendly. Besides many search engines will only review the first few and ignore the rest.
Another good idea is to cache your website but you might want to set an expiry date in the HTTP headers so the browser will refresh the content after a certain time. Use mod-gzip. It could save you as much as 40% of your bandwidth. Out of control robots can also suck down your bandwidth like a black hole. So use robots.txt to keep spiders in check.

Free hosting without the ads

Free hosting without the ads- Is it possible?

Yes, you can find free hosting that doesn’t require the placement of ads on your pages. That doesn’t mean the company isn’t there to make a profit! The free account will give you only a small amount of bandwidth and space. What the hosting company does is give you free hosting while you’re starting your website/business and/or your needs are low.

They figure (bet) that you’ll go for their paid version (most free hosts have paid plans too), as soon as your website will outgrow its account in terms of bandwidth and/or space.

Some free hosts allow only the use of subdomains or directories, which means that your website’s URL will look something like this: or That means that if you move your website you’ll lose all those hard earned links that point at it, people will send you emails that you’ll never read etc. You are stuck with that host!

From free hosting, host gets brand awareness because it gets to be published in the countless of free hosting directories. Also it gets its name in your URL and in the URL of lots of other websites. Branding again! Also, if the service is at least acceptable it will get a good reputation, which often is worth more than pure gold. All those ultimately mean more business for their business.
It happened and it still does, that some hosts start their business with a great “free hosting” offer. Their name soon gets published all over the Internet. After a while (usually a year or more) the company stops offering free hosting. Some of their “free” clients will agree to become paying customers.

Unlimited Bandwidth And Disk Space

I am looking to purchase a web hosting plan with good bandwidth.There are some web hosting companies which provides Unlimited Bandwidth And Disk Space.
Is it possible ?

The web hosting industry is a competitive market. Naturally, when you get into such a competitive niche you see companies that are struggling. Sometimes, they are struggling so much that they will tell you what you want to hear just to make a few bucks off of you.

These people are the “Unlimited Bandwidth and Unlimited Disk Space” companies. If you have not heard it elsewhere, please allow me to be the first. There is no such thing as unlimited bandwidth. Typically the way it works is that a large corporation will rent out small chunks of the bandwidth they are capable of providing to smaller companies. These smaller companies turn around and do the same to the web hosts. These web hosts, again, do the same separation method and sell these small “chunks” to you based on your needs.

These unlimited web hosting companies are banking on the idea that you will never use more than what you might would have used if you were using a package from a web host that does not offer these types of promises. There are several problems that can be caused when running into these types of promises.
If the web hosting company that offers the myth of “unlimited bandwidth” does monitor well, they will shut your website down if you do exceed what their own limitations are for your website. They will not risk having their server shutdown or losing their other customers simply because you are using too much bandwidth. Therefore, no one actually provides real unlimited bandwidth. It simply is not possible.
A severely unmonitored web hosting company can end up having a customer use up all the space that they were allotted by their datacenter. In this case, every person using the server (all clients under the web host) will have their websites go down because the datacenter will either shut off the server when the web host exceeds their limit. If that does not occur then they will charge the web host with huge bandwidth fees. The end result will quickly lead to the web hosting company being upside down in their profits and they will likely be forced to close the company. The end result being the same, your website being offline.

Disadvantages of an Affordable Web Hosting Service?

What Are The Disadvantages of an Affordable Web Hosting Service?


1. Technical and customer support is not available with most web site hosting services that offer cheap or low costs. But there are some who are able to find a handful of affordable web hosts that do have 24-hour technical support. What you actually need to do is continue to find those types of web host providers.
2. Getting a cheap website hosting service can mean having to put up with streamers and advertisements that could be very irritating but unfortunately unavoidable. This could affect the efficiency of your product endorsements.

This could come as an inconvenience for those who are using the web site for business. What those ads do is lead your readers from focusing on your product and other promotions. This increases the risk of your readers to give more interest to products and promotions other than your own, therefore making your efforts futile. Web host providers mainly make their web site services affordable so that they can get more money

Low-cost web hosting services usually do not offer sufficient amounts of disk space and enough bandwidth. This means that they may be unable to support an existing website you might want to diversify. For instance, you might want to add larger files for more graphics, videos and audio files. These additions are just not possible with low disk space and could be a real hindrance.

Cheap web hosting usually cannot provide you with good internet connection speeds. First of all, people will become less inclined to visit your web site because of slow connection. It will be a great inconvenience on their part since a lot of time is lost just waiting for files to open or download. When your number of visitors start to decrease, you will certainly lose some money.
Some web sites which are being hosted by cheap web site host providers are usually prone to down time. A reflection on the kind of services which cheap web hosting plans are known about. But, then again, this does not apply to all; there are still some cheap web hosting out there that are mindful to their clients' needs and concerns. One should also see in a wider perspective that if your server frequently crashes down, there is a tendency to lose your clients.

Cheap web host providers are the ones that likely go bankrupt in the web hosting business. This will result to the shutting down of web sites - and this means, loss of business for your part. Moreover, transferring to another web host entails a lot of inconvenience for yourself as well as for your clients.
Security is always at risk among cheap web hosting services. Security support system is not that sophisticated and is quite loose which can result to easy hacking of your web site. The web host provider might not have back-up services; hence, you will have a hard time (or worst, not having at all) accessing the root menu.

A New Host Search Algorithm

The last time my host went into a deep sleep was nearly a year ago, and yes, it did not return since then. I got a big blow in the form of loss of credibility, clients and also some big bucks.So, while choosing your host - never get into hurry, never commit conclusion jumping - simple advice is 'Look before you leap'.
I'll tell you how to check the credibility of your web host and what information you must have about your web host.
I presume you do not have much confusion about the basic space and bandwidth issue relating to your web hosting and if you have any confusion regarding these basics - there are lots of articles suggesting your needs. So, you just read on to know the art of cross-checking your host.
The first thing you must look at your host is the year of their service in hosting industries. It carries a lot. A host coming into business just for few months must not be trusted more than the one with years of experience and existence in web hosting Industries. To know more about how long a company is in the hosting business, simply make a Whois lookup! - You will get all the relevant information like Contact Name, Address, Contact Email and Domain Name Registration/Renewal details. If Whois records suggest some virtually unrealistic data - you should not trust your host. Once you are convinced with Whois data - go for the next level of check up.
Read reviews of web host.There are lots of websites offering reviews on Web hosting - so you can spend some time looking for the reviews of your tentative host. But while reading reviews, you must keep it in your mind that not all the web site offer unbiased reviews as the reviews published in the web site might have been influenced by Affiliate Commission. So, you need to apply your brain to judge the merit of a review. While reading reviews - you may see few negative reviews of a web host as well - and you can ignore it, if there are lots of positive reviews. Simply remember - no business has ever got 100% satisfied customers. Regarding positive reviews you need to be careful as well before trusting them. If there are too many of them within a short span of time - you will do better looking for another host. Instead of trusting one review site, always look for a number of sites to learn more about your web hosts from different angles. While reading reviews you should note the uptime factor, customer supports and features above anything else.
Monitor web hosts uptime - You can request your host to let you know few sites hosted by them and try and monitor the uptime records for those sites. You can also check the past uptime records of that host.
I'll never advice you to pay for one full year in advance to get some gross rebate. Pay for one or two months, judge their service and take action accordingly. A fifteen or thirty days of unconditional money back guarantee is also a good offer, which you may try.
Before choosing a web host Test the Customer Support Staff.Simply send one or two mails asking few simple questions regarding hosting plans, or server configuration, or anything else you may want to know. Watch out for the response time. If the response is within your allowed time - this must be going to be a positive vote in favor of the respective host, otherwise, look for another company who will respond to your queries earlier. It is always better to have a host with 24 Hours live support - but just keep it in your mind, not that all hosting company can afford to provide such supports, also there are reputed hosts who do not offer it presently for spamming.
The best way to avoid bitter hosting experience is to take part in different hosting communities where you can share your thoughts with others, discuss about web hosting with like minded and knowledgeable persons or get suggestions from the Industry experts. Taking part in such a community provides you to judge the quality and commitment of a hosting company based on your own long term relationship.
search for your new host well in advance, do not make hasty decision even if your site is down due to server outrage, otherwise, you may have to initiate another host hunt within a very short span.

SSH Access

SSH is one of the most trusted names when it comes to data confidentiality and security. SSH provides web administrators a way to access their servers in a more secured way even when using a remote computer. Through an encrypted connection, SSH access allows you to log in to your account. This means that all data will be shown in an unreadable format, which makes it hard for hackers to get anything from it. A login system installed with SSH requires a user to undergo heavy authentication process to tell whether or not the user trying to open the account is authorized.

Imagine that you're a webmaster who needs to do a routine maintenance or update on your server. You are far from the office and a public computer is only the way to go. Accessing your web server through a public computer is totally unsecured. But by installing an SSH before you transfer classified information, any authorized person like you may fulfill your responsibility without having to deal with threats brought by a non-secure connection.

Once you're logged in through SSH, it will communicate with the remote computer. Because the connection is secured, the two computers will talk and swap information secretly. Should another person try to barge in and collect the details of the conversation, SSH will automatically act as a shield. It will shoo away the intruder by giving only senseless data. If the intruder continues to disrupt the conversation, SSH will simply disconnect. Since SSH is compatible with all major operating systems like Unix, Windows, and Macintosh, you won't have any trouble installing this product in your system.

2 Best Ways to Effectively Fend Off Nasty Website Hackers

If you are one of these website owners who have high regards for security and customer satisfaction, protect your website from hackers by following the simple and effective ways outlined below:

1. Change Passwords Regularly
Frequently changing passwords will make your website less vulnerable to hackers. They will not be able to make a clear pattern after your recent log-ins if you will try to be random and choosy when it comes to passwords. Just a reminder, though, make sure to keep a record of your passwords so you have something to refer to in case your memory failed you. Likewise, password protect each and every folder in your server.

2. Make Use Of Available Resources
It is not enough to change passwords often because hackers can still break in to an account by creating a specially designed software. You see, most hackers are computer geniuses. Once you put a barrier on their way, they will find other passages to your account or system. So, it will be better if you will let other available resources, like the latest anti-virus and firewall software, to help you in your fight against these merciless hackers. Turn on the firewall. Look for the most trusted antivirus software in the market and once installed, don't forget to update it.

In addition, buy an SSL (secure socket layer) certificate. This certificate can be installed in a web server and will allow secure channeling of sensitive information such as consumers' credit card numbers. Without SSL, hackers can retrieve any information that passes through a non-secure connection.

Time To Leave Your Current Web Host

Leave your current web host when their services turn bad. Definitely, there is nothing much you can do at your side. Some hosting is growing fast, and others is dieing fast. Find the right hosting.Some web hosting company is good, and later turn out to be bad, poor service, and try to rip off the new customer. Beware and make sure you know when its time to leave the current hosting.

First sign, website problem. There will be more website downtime that usual. And the website will be running slow. The cause of this can be that they are over selling the accounts and packed too many users on the server. Trying to cut cost and optimized the profit.

Second sign, when the customer support is not reachable frequently and always late in replying email ticket. This is the second sign. When on averagely the service quality drop, there will be lots more other users complaining to the technical support. And they will be so busy to answer each of the email. Usually they will just delete it off. If your email ticket got deleted, you are mostly at this stage.
In my opinion third and final sign, search online for similar user problem. And usually at the hosting forum, you will find similar complaints. If that’s what you are seeing, and there is no action taken to fixed your current problem. Time to pack your website and move out. There is no point to royal to these hosting.

Cheap Web Hosting Is A Great Option For Any Webmaster

Cheap web hosting is more readily available today because there is so much competition between web site hosting companies. Cheap web hosting is no exception. The word cheap doesn’t always mean lower quality. Cheap web hosting is now a popular choice among web site owners. It is ideal for those who want to build a small or moderately sized website, but need more freedom and tools than free web hosting provides.
Currently, many hosting companies provide cheap web hosting with a various and rather diversified set of the software tools available to you. Thanks to the mass demand for web hosting, these companies are able to offer individuals and small businesses the ability to create and host their own sites for literally pennies per day. Some web hosting provider companies will even help a business set up a virtual store and merchant account.
The benefit of cheap web hosting is you will save money every month or year over a long period of time. Cheap web hosting is so common these days there is no reason for the typical web owner to pay more than one to ten dollars per month for full featured web hosting. Cheap web hosting is loaded with features to help your web site succeed, all at one affordable price. Cheap web hosting is just one of the resources new webmasters will need to be a success online.
Budget web hosting is normally defined as any hosting service that is below ten dollars per month, and has the ability to provide the functionality of hosting at cheap rates. It is still the primary choice for many people looking for small, affordable hosting. In general budget web hosting is simply a cheaper hosting plan offered by hosting companies for people or business with new sites that do not require large amounts of disk space, bandwidth, or other features.
Yes, Budget Web Hosting is the Best Option For New Sites.
Budget web hosting is the ideal solution for anyone who is going to start their own or company’s site without worries about their own server setup, monitoring, and all other technical issues. Maintaining your own server will cost time and money. Most hosting companies offer great service and uptime, which is critical to having success online.
Cheap web hosting is where most web site owners should start with new sites. It frees up some money to use on other important aspects of web site ownership. Once the web site takes off, web site owners can always upgrade to a hosting account that suits their needs.

Switch to a Better Web Host

I want to change my web host because my web host started to deliver a very disappointing quality of service. my website frequently suffers from downtimes and technical support has become too hard to reach.

Here are the five easy steps you should follow to successfully move all your files to a better web host:
Step 1: Make Sure You Researched Well This Time
Maybe the reason you ended up with the wrong web host was because you rushed into things. Do not make the same mistake by doing a thorough background check on the hosting companies that you are trying to consider. Know their strengths and weaknesses and go with the one with the least defects. If you can find a web host that doesn't have one, strike a deal.
Step 2: Learn How To Back Up Files
Your new web host already stated and further confirmed to you that there will be no loss of data in the switching process. However, unexpected mishaps may still arise so it is always a wise move to burn a copy of all your files in a CD before you proceed with changing hosts. This will not just serve as a back-up, it will also act as a record of all your site activities and statistics in your previous host.

Step 3: Keep It As A Secret - From Your Old Host

Some hosts are evil. When you try to tell them that you are planning to replace them, they won't care about you anymore. Your files may even be deleted if they feel that they will not receive a new contract deal from you. This lack of professionalism is inherent to web hosts that are just in the business for the money, not sincere customer service. So, if you believe that your current host will do this to you, because they can, choose to be silent. Back-up your files and don't tell them why... yet.
Step 4: Say Goodbye and Set Things Up
If you are done backing up your files and you are all geared up to embrace the greener pasture, disclose your intention to leave your current host. Cancel your account. Once you're off the hook and all dues have been settled, set up your site on your new server. You will need to adjust your file settings. You will also need to open your DNS account to make necessary changes in the settings.
After putting all the files in its proper directories and changing your new system settings, don't forget to test everything. Test the links if they are working, your domain if it responds to its new IP address, and your emails if they are able to receive forwards.

Backup Your Website

Data loss is the worst nightmare of people who own precious computer files, whether he is a website administrator or just a simple e-mail user. Sometimes, just one wrong push of a button can make all your files instantly vanish without a trace. Unless you have a magic wand that can make those files reappear, regular backing up of files is really a must. This duty of saving data to another storage device should be the routine of all webmasters. Having a backup of all your website files is extremely important because it gives you peace of mind in case accidental loss of data occurs.
So, if you are really serious about keeping your website alive, don't take for granted the importance of having a backup. It is 100% possible, easy, and you can even do it in a number of ways.

1. Backing Up Using Online Storage

Your server is already an online storage, but if you want to be more secure about your files, get another. If you have the money, you can always buy an additional hosting plan, maybe just a basic one. However, this is not a good option for those who have limited financial resources. If you are one these people, sign up to a free online storage service instead. This option, however, is only recommended to owners of personal websites that do not have too much files.

2. Backing Up Databases Using phpMyAdmin
Databases are the most common repository of important records. If you are running MySQL, the most widely used database program today, it is most likely that you have phpMyAdmin. A tool written in the php programming language, phpMyAdmin is used to effectively manage your MySQL database.
To make a backup of your database content, just log-in to your phpMyAdmin account. On the main interface, you will see the Export link. Click it. You will then be taken to the list of all your databases. If you want to save them all, just click the "Select All" option. Tick the Save As check box and click Go. A pop-up window will appear. It will prompt you to provide a name for the backup file and the location where you would like to put it. Click OK. Congratulations! You already have backup copy of your database!

Choosing Platform for hosting

There are two platforms are available for hosting 'Linux and Windows'.
Though there are certain differences among these two as listed below, but both of them are platforms of choice for deploying functionality rich web based applications: -
- Linux is an open source freeware whereas Windows is a Microsoft brand.
- Additional components for Linux are generally free whereas the components for Windows need to be purchased.
- Linux is considered to be more virus proof then Windows
- Web space for Linux being freeware is less costly then Windows
- The cost of Linux web space includes the cost for database server whereas for windows if MS SQL server is opted it costs additional.
For the purposes of listing factors to choose which platform, we can say: -
- The budget the client has for hosting.
- If the specific requirement requires a specific component then identifying weather it is available with Windows or Linux
- If the size of database is going to be huge MS SQL sever is preferred because of the additional features it offers for the data management.
- Both Linux and Windows are equally reliable and robust, but yes on Windows special software are required for providing safety from hackers and non-authentic access.
- Is the client specific about brand then Windows is the only choice.

Best Professional Website Hosting Service Provider?

How To Find The Best Professional Website Hosting Service Provider?
There are a number of website hosting service provider options which include a free webhost and also a paid web hosting service. The major disadvantage for hosting your files on a free web host is the number of pop up ads that appear to distract your visitors to your site.
That is why the best professional website hosting service provider is a paid service, though they are much cheaper than first thought.
There are a number of minimum requirements for the best professional website hosting service provider and these would include, but are not limited to:
1. At least 10 GB space
2. CGI-Bin access
3. POP3 email accounts or email forwarding
4. Some kind of autoresponder script
5. Some kind of statistical program that you can analyze
6. 24 hour technical support is absolutely essential
7. Guarantees are also expected, especially an uptime guarantee
8. Microsoft Front Page users may want FrontPage extensions
9. It is also a bonus if you can find professional web hosting that includes a range of one click install software programs

unlimited or unmetered bandwith

There are some web hosts that claim to give you unlimited or unmetered bandwith.
What I want to ask is that really possible?
Its not possible. every server has a limit even you take a dedicated server so shared hosting accounts with unlimited bandwidth is a joke.
Nothing's unlimited in the world. It's a web hosting gimmick IMO.
no server space can be unlimited.... everything has a limit.... but what they feel is you can not fill up the whole server space and so they say its unlimited.... don believe all those....
It's a kind of trick. Like the "500gb bandwidth!". But if you really try to use all teh 500gb, you get locked for "using all the bandwidth". I think the same would happen with the unlimited hosts.
They'll get rid of you when you pass up their BW limit. Tons of people use 1 TB+ sites and it just doesn't exist to have it unmetered.

Website Hosting of the Near Future

The Future of Hosting of the near future is moving to dedicated hosting, and that movement will accelerate over the near future.What u think?
Yes,The need for a strong online presence is easy to justify for most businesses. However the webpages have not been designed or updated in recent years as quickly as they should have been. With the buying public moving to the internet and customer choices being shopped more and more from the internet, websites are a greater priority than ever.
As webpages are created and improved the hosting services are also being scrutinized. Should a company stay in shared hosting also known as virtual hosting - or should the company switch to dedicated hosting.
Demand for dedicated hosting is accelerating. Until recently getting a dedicated hosting service account has involved a slow and complex process for both the ISP and the customer. Discussion of hardware, burn testing, server OS configuration, application configuration, IDC installation and connectivity configuration were all preliminary.
The process had been time consuming and expensive for all parties concerned. The new virtualization technology is now set to deliver dedicated hosting in a way that not only eliminates most of the complexity and brings many additional virtualised hosting benefits that have not existed prviously. Servers can offer scalable, profitable and fast delivery of premium dedicated hosting services now.

Save Money Choosing a Web Hosting Plan

How can I Save Money Choosing a Web Hosting Plan ?
There is so much competition in this market right now that it can be difficult for the newcomer to ascertain which is the right affordable web site hosting plan. To get help to find the right plan for you, you need to determine what you need. If you need minimal space you might be able to get away with one of the cheap website hosting options, and if you need more space you might need to go with something that costs just a bit more.
One really great way to save money when you are thinking of building a website is to look for free domain name registration. Many companies that you come across offer free domain registration cheap web hosting packages that will allow you to get everything done in one shot. When you get all of these things done in one place at one time it will not only save money, it will also save time. Many worry that free domain registration is not legit, but many companies can afford to give you this service for free, especially when you opt for hosting services at the same time. The bottom line is that you can get free domain name registration if you want it, so keep that in mind if someone tries to charge you too much for this service.
Multiple domain hosting is another good way to save money. This is the ability to host more than one website on one hosting plan. Basically what you do is register as many domain names as you want, and then you can use the space for your hosting plan to host as many websites as you want. Multiple domain web hosting makes more sense because it allows you to pay for hosting once. Depending on the hosting plan you choose, with multiple domain hosting you can host many different domains on one space for very little money. This is great for those that are starting up new e-commerce businesses as well as for those that want to create personal or family websites, as well.

Self Hosting

Self Hosting is a New Way of Web Hosting. Is it the future?
Traditionally, hosting companies and ISPs have provided facilities, equipment, and software that allow individuals and entities to host their websites and web-services with them. Continuous availability, high bandwidth, large storage space, and reliable equipment traditionally made hosting with ISPs an attractive option.
The evolution of infrastructure and technologies however raises the question whether we are at stage where one can directly web-host from any internet connected PCs and even PDAs - sort of self-hosting. The voluminous growth in the quantum of user-generated content and advances in technology (web 2.0) makes self-hosting attractive. Firstly, user content is never required to be stored on third party servers, and secondly, there is no need for repeated uploads to third-party servers.
three other barriers traditionally dissuaded individuals and small entities from hosting off their home / office PCs.
1. Internet Addresses
2. Security
3. Ease of use
Internet Addresses
Individual PCs and Handheld computers usually do not have network addresses (IP address), which are required to connect PCs and handheld devices to the internet. In many cases, IP address is dynamically assigned and therefore change every time the computer connects to the Internet. (This is known as dynamic or non-static IP). A computer without an IP address is incapable of web-hosting.
Another barrier to self-hosting is the sensitivity to issues around security and vulnerability of the computers. Home / Office PC owners are typically averse to hosting from their personal computers because this requires them to open ports on their machines. This can make them targets of malicious security attacks over the internet, and it calls for investment in security software that guard against viruses, spam and other malware.
Ease of Use
Lastly, maintaining and managing web-servers is viewed as a technical exercise by many common users, who therefore prefer to host with ISPs.

Different Web Hosting Prices For The Same Package

Why Are There Different Web Hosting Prices For The Same Package?
Like in any other business, web hosting industry also has a small number of scamsters who want your business at any cost. They believe that they can sell you anything at any price "from Eiffel tower to the Kitchen sink". Some of these will give you web hosting prices that are much higher simply because they think that they can convince you to pay more. Others will offer the world for very-little and hope that you will be satisfied with whatever they dish out.
However, a majority of web hosting providers may have genuine reasons for higher / lower web hosting prices. Here some significance of the real factors that can affect the price of a web hosting package. Awareness of the same may clear the confusion cloud generated by huge web hosting price variations.
1. Hosting Support: This is perhaps the single most important factor that determines price. Hosting Companies that provide responsive technical support and are quick in fixing problems have a higher-ratio of "well trained employees" TO "customers". Due to the costs incurred in maintaining a larger number of efficient support personnel, they usually charge more from their customers. "10 satisfied customers will automatically become a 100 in 5 years time". Many web hosting providers who do not believe this axiom offer throw-away web hosting prices and generally their businesses do not last long.
2. Web Hosts' Network: Most web hosting companies put their servers in different datacenters across the world. For a high quality network (with redundant fast connections and reliable back up power) a web host has to pay more to an advanced datacenter. In turn they charge you more for their hosting packages to maintain reasonable profit margins.
Some other factors are:-
Web Server power: Another factor is the speed of the machine your website resides on. A Dual Xeon can serve pages and handle applications faster than a P-IV. Web hosts who spend less on fast reliable servers charge less from their customers.
Loss Selling: Sometimes hosting companies sell at loss to expand their client base and hope to sell other products at a later date to the same customers. For example, some hosts price hosting packages at lower than base cost and hope to sell services like web design, ecommerce solutions, search engine optimization etc. While there are benefits to attracting customers with unbeatable web hosting prices, it is still a gamble. If the gamble backfires they may not be able to maintain quality of service in the long run.
Some more factors-
Over Selling: "The supreme gift of a good artist is to know when to stop". Hosts that follow this principle usually restrict the number of domains-per-server to a decent number. This ensures that they can maintain 'Quality of Service' for their clients by offering sufficient server resources to each. It also means that this host will have to charge more to recover the amount they pay to their datacenter. Then again, there are providers who sell 400 accounts of 1 GB each on a hard disk of 80 GB !!! (You can smile at this point of our study) These companies hope that most customers will never use their full allocation of resources. What if the customers actually start using full resources allocated to them?
Web Hosting Features: Windows, Linux and other server operating systems have different base prices. Features like database support, JSP, scripting languages, SSL support vary from package to package. A web hosting provider who offers more features (in a similar hosting plan) is likely to have a higher web hosting price.

Cheap Hosting Vs. Free Hosting

Low cost web hosting services are many. Free hosting packages are even more, and look lucrative. After all you need to have your web site up and running on the internet with no financial burden. All you need is create your site, sit back and let your hosting provider set it up for you.What are merits and demerits and which might be better off choosing a low cost web hosting package or free hosting ?
There are a lot of web hosting companies that will offer free space. 
So, opt for this choice and you create your site (many ISPs will help you do this too via their software), upload it and they give it a home on the web. Sounds too good to be true? Well, for many people it is - and they move very quickly to a low cost web hosting package instead.

Always avoid from free host.

A free hosting package isn't a bad option for some people. It's an OK solution for personal web sites, can be used to test out your site and the response it gets and works for some small business owners. However, before you opt for free hosting, you should take a look at whether a low cost web hosting package might suit your needs better.

The problem with free hosting is that it has limits. You may well say that low cost web hosting has limits too - but they're generally not as restricting. The first issue you'll come across is space. Your free hosting provider will only offer small space for your site. You'll be limited on the number of pages you can have and the design, images and technical packages you can use.

There is none of the uptime guarantees and support services that you'll get if you pay for a hosting service. After all, you're getting this for free, so your provider doesn't have to make any commitment to sort out problems quickly. Find yourself with slow loading times because there are too many sites on their server and too much traffic. They don't have to do ANYTHING about it.

Low cost web hosting packages also have another big advantage over free ones - advertisements. Opt to put your site on a free service and you'll have to have any banners, adverts, pop-ups and pop-unders that they want appearing on your site. This is how the hosting provider makes the money that you aren't paying them for the service! There isn't a bigger advertisement out there to your site visitors that you're on a free package.

Budget host

I don’t have a lot of money, can I get someone to host my website cheap?
Happily, yes. Depending on your web site’s requirements, you may be the perfect candidate for a budget web hosting account. web hosting plans starts from only $3.95
Does budget hosts offer quality service and uptime?
In general budget hosting is simply a cheaper hosting plan offered by hosting companies for people or business that don't require high amounts of disk space, bandwidth or programming. The plans usually contain many of the commonly required features and are a viable hosting option. Our budget hosts offer quality service and many have 99.9% or higher uptime guarantees.
What features can I expect to get with budget web hosting account ?
To be honest, offer quite an impressive package at a budget price. Features like database support, scripting, shopping carts, and email processing are available. More advanced features are available at some hosts, but usually at an additional cost.
What platforms can I get budget hosting on?
You can find budget hosting on both the Unix/Linux platforms, and the Windows platform. Services among the two are very competitive, since most offerings and features are available for both operating systems. Web server software is commonly Apache for Unix/Linux, and IIS for Windows.
What if I start with a budget hosting plan and then later require more? offer budget hosting can, upon request, upgrage your account to one that better satisfies your requirements.

Managed Hosting

Managed Hosting is for customers who prefer to have their web host provider maintain and monitor their dedicated servers, operating system and all supported applications. Companies or individuals who do not have the required system administration resources on-staff, commonly choose this option to augment their dedicated hosting service.

When do you need a Managed Server?

Managed Hosting is an excellent solution for mid to high level hosting needs. Designed to host busy e-commerce sites and dynamic, database driven Web pages, Managed Hosting offers small and large business owners a fast, powerful, reliable and professionally maintained Web presence. If you have a need for a dedicated server, and don’t have the IT resources, expertise, or time to manage your own servers, then Managed Hosting is for you.

Cost of hosting on a Unix or a Windows platform?

Is it more or less expensive to host my site on a Unix or a Windows platform?
That depends on what you mean by “hosting your site”. If you plan to host the site yourself, and you own the web servers or the software on them, then Unix (or Linux) would definitely be a less expensive option. If you plan to sign up with a web hosting company, and they own the servers and the software installed on them, you will find that there are excellent hosting options available for each platform at very comparable prices.

What databases are available for Unix websites?
That depends mostly on the web hosting provider you select to host your website. There are many flavors of databases that run on Unix, but the most prevalent among web host providers are mSQL, MySQL., and PostgreSQL. These databases are all relational in nature, and allow highly optimized communication with your website for quick retrieval of information.

Database hosting

What is Database hosting and Who needs a database host?
Database host is a specific kind of dedicated server, which is going to be used to run a database intensive application. The server can either be just for the database itself or it could also run the web site too, it really depends on how much system resources will be needed by the database. A system setup to run intense database applications will have a significant amount more RAM than a regular server. For example, if you are looking at a regular web-hosting server and you think 512 Megs will be enough then you would probably be looking at between 1 Gig to 2 Gigs for a database server.
Anyone who is using a database intensive program like a CRM, ERP, or a custom made application should look into a database host because they have more memory, which will increase the speed and reliability of the application.
What are some applications that might run on a database server?
Some examples of applications that are used on database servers are CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems.
Can a database server only be used for a database?
No a database server can be used for anything but it is a specific kind of dedicated server that is setup to get the maximum performance out of a database or applications that rely heavily on a database. To do this the server has a large amount of memory and a few other configurations are done so that the database is the priority over anything else running on the system.

E-commerce site need a database host?

I want to host my E-commerce site. Does my E-commerce site need a database host?
I think you do not need a database host for your E-commerce site, you probably just need a web-hosting package/plan that gives you access to a database. The difference here between a database host and having access to a database is significant. When doing database hosting the database is the most important part of the entire application and is where all the processing is done.

Hosting package for Enterprise Resource Planning systems ?

I want to run my Enterprise Resource Planning systems so which hosting package will be suitable for me ?
Enterprise Resource Planning systems usually run on database servers much like CRM systems because they are database intensive applications. Much like CRM systems, ERP systems are not usually web based either and require a special client to connect to the application. ERP systems are used to help companies manage their resources from money to personnel to make the most of what they have.
Database hosting will be suitable for you.

Is free hosting really free?

Today, there are more choices than ever if you are looking for free hosting services. In fact, there are new companies popping up all the time offering some type of “free” hosting plans. Unfortunately, there are just as many companies going out of business and leaving their customers in a sort of hosting purgatory, unable to deliver the “free hosting for life” they had promised them and too often causing even more serious headaches.
With so many user complaints and horror stories surrounding free hosting, decided to take a closer look and offer some insight for those considering it. So here’s the usual deal. To get “free” hosting, you must first pay a one-time setup fee that ranges from $35 to over $100 to transfer your domain. If you don’t already have a domain, you may also end up paying a premium of $35 or more for a new domain. You probably will also have to agree to become part of a forced advertising database, and receive daily email marketing, that your free host is selling to whomever they want. In return, you are promised “free hosting for life” that is restricted by how much disk space and monthly bandwidth you get. Your free host is hoping that you will exceed your allotted amount so they can upsell you to a paid hosting plan later.
Besides the fact that it’s not “free”, there are some other problems with this business model. To start with, your free host only gets paid by its customers one time – when they sign up – but they have to provide on-going service to them indefinitely. If for any reason new sales are down, there can be a big problem quick. Credit card fraud is also a costly problem for free hosting companies – it’s a favorite way for thieves to quickly check if a stolen card still works. To be profitable, a free host is dependent on a constant flow of enough setup fees from new customers. Which means they must keep operating costs low and advertising spending high. It’s important to understand how keeping their overhead as low as possible can directly affect the level of service that free hosts can provide their customers in the areas of uptime, security, data backup, customer service and tech support.
When it comes to uptime reliability, you want to be sure your free host owns their own servers. If your free host is actually reselling hosting on a third party’s servers and there is a problem, they may not be able to control when and how it gets fixed. Or worse, if there’s a dispute between your free host and the third party hosting company, your Web site may be left in limbo until it gets straightened out, which sometimes is never. Even if your free host owns their own servers, there can still be a big reliability problem if they haven’t devoted enough resources to maintenance and Internet security. Most free hosts are not going to pay for the expense of heavy duty, state-of-the-art firewall protection. You must be prepared for the possibility that you are vulnerable to hacker attacks that could easily bring down all of the sites they are hosting. And don’t rely on your free host to backup your site – make sure you have regular backups of everything you don’t want to lose.
When there is a problem, be prepared to be very patient for a response. Most free hosts only offer customer service and tech support via email. Keeping overhead low often means understaffing in these areas. Even if you have a serious problem such as your site being down for days or weeks, it’s highly unlikely that you would ever be able to speak to someone about it. If you want fast and efficient support, you’re much better off with a paid hosting provider. For this reason, only someone who is experienced and knowledgeable about the Web should consider free hosting since they are likely to need much less support. We don’t recommend free hosting for anyone who is new to the workings of the Internet.
free hosting business is a gamble, whether you are the provider or the customers. In any industry there are honest business people and not so honest ones and it’s the same with free hosting. Unfortunately, even the honest ones can’t guarantee they’ll be able to live up to the promise of “free hosting for life” in a business so full of potential problems.

Server or Dedicated Server

What is a Server or Dedicated Server?
A server or dedicated server in the hosting industry refers to
the actual computer that is running your website. So if you are using shared web hosting you are sharing one server with a lot of other people. If you have your own dedicated server you have a computer that is located at the data center and you are the only one using it. A server is just like your computer at home except it is usually in a smaller case, has a much faster connection to the internet, and doesn't have some of the extras such as a powerful graphics card.

Shared Web Hosting For An Ecommerce Store

I have a E-commerce website. can I use Shared Web Hosting For An Ecommerce Store.
I do not recommend using shared web hosting to run an ecommerce store for two reasons.
One, when you are sharing the server with other websites those sites can cause your pages to load slowly or even the entire server to crash. The second reason is that a shared server is a lot more susceptible to security problems and when you are running an online store that is charging and possibly storing credit cards that is not safe.
The Dangers Of Using Shared Web Hosting For An Ecommerce Store:-
Performance Concerns:- If you are running an ecommerce store you want it to be online near 100% of the time for both your customers and so search engines can find it. If you are down it can cause users to not trust the site and the obvious downside that they can't buy anything. Similarly if search engines come across your store and it is down that can cause problems for the search engine optimization you are doing.
Security Concerns:- In a shared hosting environment you are more susceptible to security problems which is a big problem when you are running an ecommerce store. Shared web hosts usually make a profit by volume and not quality, this might mean they don't have time to make sure all their servers are fully secure. You don't want to wake up one day and find out that another user on your shared server was reading your files and got your database password and has all your store's info and customer list.
Instead of sharing a server and its resources with lots of people I recommend getting a VPS or a dedicated server.
By getting a VPS or dedicated server you have full control of your web hosting environment and it can't be affected by other people's sites. It is also a nice bonus knowing that you have full control of a VPS or dedicated server can tweak or upgrade any software it is running.

Shared Web Hosting Sucks

My website is hosted on a Shared web hosting account but it has many problems. Why Shared Web Hosting Sucks ?
Because anyone on your shared server can crash your website and cause it problems!Then you have to wait for your hosting company to fix the problem and ban the offending site or give them another shot. Plus this can happen at anytime as any site can get dugg or slashdotted and cause all the people on one server problems.
Shared Web Hosting has many disadvantages so A VPS is a good start, it basically has software that splits up a server into individual emulated servers. In this environment the other sites are separate and can't affect you.
A dedicated server is also an option as then you have an entire server for your site. If you can't afford either of those options just finding more expensive shared hosting that doesn't oversell as much will help. There are lots of shared hosts that are for programmers and they don't oversell as much.

Tips For Not Getting Screwed By Your Web Host

Tired of getting ripped off by hosting companies? Here are some tips on how to avoid that fate!
1. Keep Your Domains Separate From Your Hosting Company
2. Diskspace and Bandwidth Are Marketing Terms
3. Test Support Before You Signup
4. Research The Host - Review Sites, Forums, and Blogs
5. Save Money With Hosting Coupons
6. Do Your Own Backups - Trust No One!
7. Use Paypal or a One Time Use Credit Card
8. Avoid Really Long Contracts Unless You Trust The Company
9. You Get What You Pay For - Don't Stress!
Yes, u r rite.Too many people think they actually need 200GB of bandwidth and 50GB of diskspace to run their little blog. The numbers don't matter anymore because hosting companies now offer more resources then you can actually use! They use these huge numbers to sucker you in and you just need to ignore them. You need to look at what really matter such as how good the hosting companies support is, their reputation, when and how their support is available, and what you need in terms of reliability versus what you are willing to pay. Don't get suckered into a hosting company because they have bigger numbers then another.
If your site is important or even generating you income you need to do backups. I don't care if your host says they are doing daily backups to a bunker 100 feet underground don't trust them.
Use Paypal or a one time use credit card number to prevent your host from charging you even after you cancel. We get a few reviews each week where a person can't get ahold of their host who is still charging them after they cancel. Small hosting companies might disappear and keep charging you but if you use Paypal or a one time use credit card number you hold the power!
Before you sign up for a host call them and/or get on live chat and make sure they are available and that they can answer some basic questions.

Hosting Company Perfect For Web Designers

Why Starting a Hosting Company Is Perfect For Web Designers ?
Starting a web hosting company is a perfect fit for a web designers. You already have access to clients who need web hosting and its a great way to receive recurring revenue and keep communication with past clients alive.
Top 5 Reasons Why Web Designers Should Start A Hosting Company:-
1. Recurring Revenue Steam With Little Marketing Work
2. Better Communication With Past Clients
3. Offer Additional Hosting Related Services Yourself or Outsource
4. A Hosting Company is a Sellable Asset
5. It is Super Easy To Start A Hosting Company
For designer it is easy to keep tabs on clients you are hosting and down the road its easier for them to contact you to order more design work. Plus you can do things like give clients coupons for your hosting to increase signups. And for your hosting clients you can use marketing emails to advertising your design services.
Anyone who is buying a web design is usually wanting a quality website you can charge more for your hosting since you will be personally dealing with them.

Avoid long term hosting contracts

You would think this would go without saying but daily on web hosting forums you read about someone who has signed up for a web hosting company for an entire year and is locked into the contract and having a hard time moving because of this. Be warned, try them out for a few months and then use a year espicially if their refund policy is lacking.
Yes, u r rite. Hosting companies discount their hosting packages for people signing up for a longer period because it gives them a large amount of revenue immediately and usually entices people to sign up. The problem is if the host goes bad or disappears you are stuck loosing money you pre paid. A good host will usually give a credit back but many hosts will not or and have that directly written into their terms of service that they don't refund cancelled contracts.
If you are want to save money on a long term discount be sure to first try the host out for a few months and make sure that uptime and customer support are up to par. Then you can switch your account to a longer term and receive the discount knowing the hosting company you choose is a quality one.

How To Compare And Select A Best Web Host

I am looking to purchase a web hosting account. How To Compare And Select A Best Web Host.
When comparing the best Web hosting sites to choose the top host for your website, you need to consider:
- What operating system you need
- What control panel you prefer
- What type of hosting will fulfill your needs
- What level of technical support you may need
- Where the server is located and how it is connected to the Internet
- Whether past and present customers are satisfied with a host.
The two most common operating systems for Web servers are Linux and Windows. Linux Web servers running Apache for the Web server, MySQL for databases, and PHP and Perl as programming languages are the most common. There are a wide number of applications and scripts available for Linux Web servers. If you need to use ASP pages or you need to use Microsoft SQL server as a database rather than MySQL, however, you should get a Windows-based server.
Choose a control panel which is easy to use and also have all features.Most of the best Web hosting sites will provide a control panel to allow you to easily control your site hosting account. Control panels allow you to easily see web site statistics, administer databases, check on server status, and manage email accounts, Web site updates, and access.
Unless you prefer a different control panel, H-Sphere is probably your best choice. It is the most popular and many Webmasters feel it is the easiest to use.
There are a number of different types of hosting:

- Shared hosting,
- Reseller hosting,
- Virtual dedicated hosting (a.k.a., virtual private servers),
- Dedicated hosting, and
- Colocation
Most of the best web hosting sites will offer some or all of these types of hosting, so you need to decide what best suits your needs.
If you want to host a single domain that does not have huge demands for disk space or bandwidth, shared hosting is the most economical. With shared web hosting, your site shares server space and resources with many other websites.
If you have a high need for bandwidth or server resources, you may need a dedicated server. With a dedicated server, you do not have to share server resources with anyone. Only your domains are hosted on the dedicated Web server. You also generally get full control of the server with administrator or root access.
you may be able to host multiple domains with a shared hosting account, if you need to host multiple domains of your own or want to resell Web hosting, reseller hosting may better suit your needs. Reseller hosting is generally shared hosting with more resources and an additional control panel to easily configure additional domains.
You should have a very short list of the best Web hosting sites for your needs. But before making your final decision, there is one last step: perform a Web search to look for complaints from old customers. Your list may have only the best web hosting sites listed, but a few hours spent surfing Web hosting forums and asking a few questions may turn up some surprises and could save you years of frustration!
Check their support at different-different time.

Difference between Bandwidth and Allowed Data Transfer

What is difference between Bandwidth and Allowed Data Transfer?
Bandwidth / Data Transfer = Amount of data that is transfered through a server in a specified time. ( Bandwidth is measured in bps or Mbps.)
As a client it is important for you to understand Data Transfer or bandwidth as most of the hosting companies have limitation in terms of the allowed data transfers per account / website. This in terms means that their is a limit to the amount of data that can be transfered per website that you host with the hosting company.
How do analyse how much data transfer / Bandwidth my website needs?
The rule for understanding the bandwidth requirement is quite simple and can be associated with some standard variables.
* The number of pages and average page size of the website
* The number of visitors that you are expecting on your website
* Email usage that may be associated with your account
For Example if your average page views are 1000 per day and each page is of the size 50 kb then per day bandwidth usage would be 50,000 kbps. If you multiply this with 30 then you can have the monthly bandwidth requirement for the website.
Also you should keep in account other bandwidth usage like email Ftp, Sound, video clips etc and should always look at a higher limit or plan for the website to ensure that your website is not down because your website is assigned a low allowed data transfer limit.

Reseller Web Hosting: Support is the life blood

Support is the life blood of your reseller business.What u think?
Yes, Support is the life blood of your reseller business. Without a solid support team working with you, your issues could overwhelm you easily.
Here are some good tips on making sure you can keep on top of these:
1. Keep a good database of the usernames and passwords for your resold accounts. Make sure that you keep up with changes. This includes usernames and passwords for:
a. Control Panels
b. MIVA Merchant
c. AlaCart
d. *users E-Commerce software*
e. MySQL database if used
2. Make sure you have a backup of your users' accounts on a weekly basis. Request to your support team to tar up the users' directory and place the files in a safe place. NEVER rely on the backup system of others…ALWAYS create your own backup scheme.
3. When you send a request to support, keep a copy of those replies. In essence, you are making your own knowledge base. Doing this will curb your turn around times of issues.
These tips will assist you in making sure your Reseller account works like a well oiled machine.

Host for ecommerce Web site

How to Decide host of my ecommerce Web site and what approach to take can be daunting
There are several approaches available, each with different advantages and disadvantages.
If you have a small business, you may want to consider a storefront or an online mall. For a fee, these services help you build a small Web site to sell your products. These "site in a box" Web site services include everything you need to sell online.
Features and support vary by program and can include options such as search engine placement, credit card processing, and advertising. These tend to be template services, however, with less flexibility than a custom site. Familiarize yourself with the current offerings in this area before making a final decision.

Custom Sites
If you have a business that is too large for or has outgrown the smaller storefront services, you may want to consider the more costly - but also more flexible - custom site. For the added cost you can have a unique site, receive greater support, and handle more traffic. You have the options of hiring the same company to design and host your site or using separate design and hosting services.
Hiring the same company to design and host your site.
This option involves the fewest logistics, but may come with trade-offs in design quality or host reliability. Be aware that designing and hosting require different sets of skills and expertise. When choosing a service, evaluate their experience and ask for references in both areas. Go to sites the company has designed and navigate them. Note how the sites look, how easy they are to understand, and how quickly they load into your browser.
To evaluate the company’s hosting service, contact current customers and ask how pleased they are with the service. Find out how often the server is down and ask about help desk responsiveness. Also, consider how your site will be updated. Can you upload changes directly or do you have to wait for someone at the hosting company to get to it? If it is the latter, ask current customers about their experience with this process.
If you are still considering the design/hosting service after studying their design capabilities and talking to their current customers, you may also want to find out if there has been recent turnover in key personnel. An individual designer, coordinator, or account manager can make a large difference in support or design quality.
Using a separate design and hosting service.
By separating the design and hosting, you have more choices. Thus, you can have more control over both your budget and your site. Technical incompatibilities are a risk when taking this approach, however. Be sure your designer is familiar with your hosting service and it's technical capabilities. To help facilitate information flow and minimize technical problems:
Find a Web designer experienced in ecommerce applications. Together, decide on the hosting service and ecommerce systems you will use.

Making the Decision
Deciding upon the right combination will take some research. One way to gather a list of hosting options is to first find ecommerce sites that you like and/or have ecommerce abilities similar to your needs, then ask about the sites' hosting and ecommerce providers.
Asking for referrals from business acquaintances is another. Many times, people are more than happy to share their positive experiences. For example, I use five different hosts and am generally pleased with all of them. When asked about hosting, however,
Another way to develop hosting options is to look for online advertisements. The sponsored search engine ads and advertisements directly on Web sites are two places you can find these. While there's no guarantee all of the companies you find will be high quality, the willingness to pay for ads can be an indication of commitment.
Diligently decide upon ecommerce features and choose a host with those features in mind. By doing so, you are creating a smoother path to ecommerce success.

Good Vs Bad Hosting

What differenciate the good and bad hosting? what issues to consider before choosing a hosting or changing it?
Good hosting meets your needs, bad hosting doesn't.
As to what's good or bad for you depends on what you actually need from your hosting. Many people find free hosting good, many find cheap hosting good, many find hugely overpriced hosting good.
If you're hosting a personal site, then a free or cheap host will be fine for most needs, if you need high availability for an e commerce solution, then you should expect to invest a decent sum.
The costs involved will generally reflect the value of your site.
Personally, I'd always go with a smaller company as you generally are more important to a small company, to a big company you can become just a user number or line entry on the sales ledger.
If cost is your only consideration, then it's very difficult to determine good from bad. Generally the cheapest hosts tend to be oversellers and often shoolboy hosts.
If you're prepared to invest a bit and move off the bottom rung, then you generally get better quality hosting.
Support and uptime are the most important factors consider before choosing a host
Choosing a good host ... I always consider support,uptime and server speed depends on the site if i am running a media related site i always prefer that the server where my site is hosted able to manage requests and have good responce time. If running a small site or text based site that speed doesnt comes into play.
The hosts with good uptime record,active support,large bandwidth and affordable rates etc., could be considered as a good host.
Support and uptime are the most important factors for me. Speed of the server would be a close 2nd.

Cheapest or the best

I just wonder do you guys aways pick the cheapest hosting or the best i am not saying that all cheap hosting are stupid and die after couple of weeks but mostly do i just go by the best if i wanna have my web hosting stand up good
I always tried hard to stay away from cheapest hosts, I just don't trust them, something is fishy in their business model.
I always try to find the cheapest hosting offer, but, it has to be reliable too.
i try to get something that is both inexpensive and reliable... unless the site is just a blow off then i go with cheap
cheap web hosting can not always be trusted.
There are so many cheap and best host available.It's not correct to say cheap hosts are worst.
my suggesion is never go for cheapest because cheapest comes with over selling so host get worse
I try to choose the best option but I have to think about my budget, so the best cheap hosting
I preffer the best cheaper host.
i use the cheapest host possible, there are so many nowadays.