Linux For Businesses

As the owner of as new business, you need to take certain steps to ensure its success. To start off, you need a website, as this provides your business with an opportunity to make its presence felt all over the world, allowing it to garner more clients. Apart from this, you also require voip (Voice over the Internet Protocol) telephony system, as it is extremely cheap for making calls both within the country as well as overseas too.

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You also need to choose a stable operating system for the server that will host your website, to prevent hackers from attacking it. Remember, you also need to hire the services of a high speed business broadband provider, as this speed is essential when conducting video conferences with your clients as well as between the other branches of your company within the country as well as overseas. While opting for the Windows operating system for your server might be cheap and easy to configure, it is always better to opt for Linux, as it is much more robust as we shall be discussing later in this article.

What is Linux?

Linux is an open source operating system, based loosely on Unix, the most robust and popular operating system used on servers. In fact, you can also install it on your personal computer along with Windows and select any one of them during the boot up process. This operating system, in its most simplest form is a computer kernel or the underlying computer code and is employed to communicate with different system software as well as communicate with the different types of hardware of the computer. Unlike Windows, this kernel is extremely powerful and has the capability of running on devices such as mobile phones as well as a smart wrist watch. It is also employed in state of the art servers using processors such as IBM power and Sun Sparc.

What is linux used for?

As mentioned above, Linux is used for running as host of digital devices. One can also use it on their computers as its operating system. However, the number of compatible software is the primary factor why people prefer using Windows and Mac based operating systems. Although this robust operating system is available as a GUI (graphical user interface), its strength lies its CLI (command line interface). A quick search of the internet will provide different versions of Linux available such as Red Hat, Ubuntu, Debian, openSUSE, and much more.

Who uses Linux?

Webmasters typically depend on this operating system on their servers. Companies developing bespoke software such as those for hospitals, pharmaceutical, and many other industries also use it. It provides awesome processing power with even low powered computers. A PC capable of running Windows XP can easily run the latest versions of Linux.

What alternatives are there to Linux?

Some of the popular, well known, and reliable operating system alternatives to Lixux include SkyOS, Chrome OS, FreeBSD, Syllable Desktop, FreeDOS, and much more.

What are the benefits of Linux

The biggest benefit of this operating system is that is makes extremely efficient use of the resources of the system, and runs on a wide range of hardware such as watches to supercomputers.